One Goal

One Mission

Building Back communities one relationship at a time

How Cypress Works

Disaster Relief

In the weeks and months following a natural disaster, Cypress can bring much-needed supplies to communities in desperate need of humanitarian relief. Putting a roof back on a family's house or fixing a plumbing problem at a school are just some of the ways we help people recover after the headlines fade.

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Building Back Communities

Cypress has ongoing volunteer projects in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico , two countries ravaged by hurricanes, as well as Haiti and Bulgaria , two countries in the grip of systemic poverty. We concentrate on collecting and donating school supplies for classrooms that need it most, as well as using decades of construction experience to complete vital repairs to personal homes. Along the way Cypress cares about building lasting relationships with community leaders to target how we can be most helpful.

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Local Outreach

When COVID hit, Cypress sprung into action by opening a much-needed food kitchen and clothing closet in Asbury Park, NJ. Now with a steady stream of local donations and a dedicated work force we plan to open more outreach centers throughout New Jersey.

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